27 Dec 2019

Artificial intelligence: Empowering patent filing

Patent filing in artificial intelligence in India is emerging on a rapid scale, and some of the top companies filing for patents are TATA and HCL Technologies

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence in every imaginable sphere that matters, it is hardly surprising that innovators are now in a rush to build their Intellectual Property portfolio in AI. The popularity of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and all other things related to Intelligent machines has been on the rise for quite some time now. A similarly whopping growth has been observed in the number of machine learning or AI-related patents/applications which have been filed in recent years. A recently published article revealed that patent applications based on machine learning have nearly quadrupled in the last few years, owing to the widespread use of the same in all major technological fields. Since the formal conception of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, way back in the 50s, more than 300,000 patent applications and over a million scientific journals have been published.

Further, WIPO has stated that over one-third of the published patents/applications in the AI domain are related to Machine Learning. It has been estimated that the average annual growth in patents related to machine-learning is somewhere between 25 and 30 percent. Machine learning techniques such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks have seen unprecedented growth in terms of patent filings in the last few years.

AI has often been compared to the “Electricity of the new era”. If so, Machine learning can surely be considered to be the wire which conducts it. WIPO has recently taken upon itself to develop a framework for the field of AI, including the applications of machine learning such as processing of speech and digital signal processing. The vital areas which would be completely transformed by AI were also identified, such as Transport and Communication. However, other sectors such as Law, Banking, Medicine, Entertainment, Agriculture are not far behind either in utilizing machine learning and AI, and building their respective patent portfolios as well. Bearing these facts in mind, it is not hard to see the growing interest of inventors in patenting their AI end applications.

Artificial intelligence: Empowering patent filing By Amit Aggarwal
Co-Founder and Director, Effectual Services

Artificial intelligence: Empowering patent filing

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