21 Jun 2019

Amit Goel makes it to IAM Strategy 300!

We are pleased to share with you that Mr. Amit Goel has made it to the list of ‘The World’s Leading IP Strategists 2019’ by IAM Strategy 300.

IAM Strategy 300 – ‘The World’s Leading IP Strategists’ identifies individuals who are leading the way in the development and implementation of strategies that maximize and enhance the value of IP portfolios. The guide lists individuals from all kinds of entity including service providers, corporations, research institutions and universities. These world-class IP strategists are primarily identified through an extensive research process involving online nominations, face-to-face and telephone interviews, and email exchanges with senior members of the global IP community.

It’s a significant achievement considering the stringent selection procedure for listing in the IAM Strategy 300. No individual can qualify for a listing in the IAM Strategy 300 unless he or she is nominated by at least three people from outside of his or her own organization, however even this does not guarantee inclusion; instead, only those individuals, who further research shows to have exceptional skill sets, as well as profound insights into the development, creation and management of IP value, are featured in the IAM Strategy 300.

Amit has been handling client engagements with tech firms, law firms and universities, for providing patent prosecution, patent commercialization, patent litigation, and patent analytic services. He has expertise in patent litigation and patent enforcement and has played a key role in various multi-million patent lawsuits like Apple, Samsung etc.

Amit Goel has 17 years’ of international legal experience and holds a PhD degree in computer science with specialization in mobile communication and has published more than 30 research publications in International/National Journals/Conferences. His technical areas of expertise include wireless and mobile communication (WiFi, WiMAX, LTE), networking, internet technologies, software, mobile OS (Android, Apple iOS), and semiconductor. Moreover, he has been trained in patent laws (US, EP and India) from organizations like Microsoft, WIPO, IP Central, Lee & Hayes and US and EP Attorneys.

Amit is a researcher in the areas of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET), Wireless Communication, Networks, Databases, and Algorithms.

It is a delighted moment for Effectual Services and provides an outlook which is instrumental to the growth of the organization at international level.



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