19 Jan 2016

It’s all about the work environment!

Running and growing a small business is difficult and even more challenging. One cannot do it alone and need the help of the employees who have invested in the long-term success of the business. According to a recent survey, entrepreneurs trust their employees to run their business and delegate responsibilities when they are unavailable. They also believe that their business is better because of their employees. In a bid to attract and retain talent, Effectual provides a great working environment. We are committed to creating a place where the employees are trained and are challenged to grow professionally and personally. We have accomplished this by following the best practices as given below:

Communication is the key

The key to building and maintaining relationships with employees are frequent communication, honesty, and being proactive. At effectual, employees can find numerous opportunities for development. As the roles are clearly defined and communicated, employees are aware about the expectations in order to nurture them as a leader and provide support as and when required. As a fastest growing company, we are open to ideas and suggestions and create different avenues for employees to voice their thoughts and concerns and encourage them to share their feedback with their leader. This in turn increase trust among the employees and in our leadership.

Also, Effectual’s working culture ensures open communication so that the employees have regular opportunities to ask questions using social channels and share information with internal teams.

The power of ‘Thank You’

Effectual rewards its employees every quarter based on their performances during the period. Employees also feel appreciated and respected as their accomplishments are recognized and hence are motivated towards achieving great things at work. These rewards help us in driving the company towards success and thanks employees for the great work, recognize outstanding performance, and show appreciation for going extra mile.

Investment – A two-way street

Effectual appreciate employees who contribute to success of the company and in turn include them in business decisions so that they foresee a place in the future. We also impart trainings to discover and expand employee horizons both personal as well as professional. We encourage employees to be a part of ongoing projects, solve client’s problems, develop professional skills, explore undiscovered paths, and find new ways to thrive.

Encourage employee feedback

The new-age entrepreneurs need to take risks to get feedback from the employees and improve their business. The feedback mechanism allows employees to address their problems related to their work and leadership. This helps us in receiving priceless feedback and ensuring employees feel motivated and their grievances are addresses. It also ensures in making a real difference in the lives of employees by listening, organizing, and acting their feedback.

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