15 May 2020

5 best ways to motivate and help increase productivity of employees during lockdown

Here are a few motivational and helpful ways for increasing the productivity of employees during the lockdown.

The world has been brought down on its knees at the onset of Covid-19 pandemic. Preventive actions for Covid-19 include avoiding social gathering and maintaining social distance, and thus complete or partial lockdown of nation.

The virus can be exceptionally contagious particularly in a crowded office place, therefore worldwide companies have triggered the alarm bell in corporate world. Due to such preventive actions, offices cannot run smoothly as they were running before, thus majority of the companies are opting Work from Home (‘WFH’) as a better option to not completely shut down economy flow.

Due to lockdown across the globe, 70 per cent of the office goers are regularly working from the home. Even though, some companies are looking for WFH as a permanent option for their employees, for instance Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recently announced that 75 per cent of the total workforce will work from home permanently by 2025.

However, there are some drawbacks of the WFH for employees and employer. Being isolated in the home, and doing work simultaneously is challenging for employees, hence, the companies are trying to get hold of the balance between keeping employees motivated and maintaining a healthy office environment that can improve work productivity.

We have jotted down a few motivational and helpful ways for increasing the productivity of employees during the lockdown.

1. Online Activity:

Working from home and isolating circumstances under this period may take a toll on the mental and physical health of employees. In normal office days, the team activities are held to keep employees engaged with each other. In the same fashion, it is possible to host online activities to build the team bond and display unity such as online quiz, selfie from home, online Antakshari can be played.

Covid-19 pandemic is imposing panic situation across the world, thereby mental health support is necessarily needed. Acknowledging the efforts of employees provides necessary encouragement to keep spirits high.

Additionally, online team building activities not only play the part of gathering all remote employees but also holding them together as a team, which would reflect on work productivity. The activities can be performed by modern tools, like the Clue app, a team of detective can solve a mystery or virtual pub quiz. Therefore, virtually motivating employees to spend time on their health and wellness.

2. Prize and Reward

If there is an exciting event or contest, obviously adrenaline goes up and creates a positive energy around. Getting bottom of the topic, there can be an interesting contest among employees to follow rules (like staying at home for maximum number of days) as described in the Arogya Setu app. In the other words, it is somewhat similar to the well-known worldwide popular show “Big-Brother”, where the home mates are awarded for completing some task. Craft, painting, ‘work from home’ selfie, sculpturing, dancing, or cooking competition could also be considered.

3. Virtual Tour and Travel:

Dealing with boredom or feel like being banged up is a usual human feeling. Mostly people like to travel to other countries to know their culture, language, ritual and tradition, and food. Some companies or nations are offering online virtual tours for the world’s famous museums, cultural monuments, art galleries, national and safari parks. It can fairly encounter the boredom. Augmented reality technology which can be taken into consideration. Many augmented reality videos are available on a popular website like YouTube.

4. Skill development:

In addition to daily work, employees can invest some time on knowledge enhancement that can lead to improve quality, productivity and soft skills. Online sessions can be arranged for large audience by HR of the company to ensure maximum benefit.

Additionally, providing generic information on the Covid-19 pandemic including safety and health tips, which would educate employees and make them confident about their health safety. The HR team can initiate and arrange video conference sessions, circulate email post illustrating information about safety tips, design fun work out chart, healthy recipes. Furthermore, the team can also keep all employees updated by sending the latest news information, which would make them alert and conscious about the pandemic situation.

Draw out charts, tips for self-care and making fun videos would also help to reduce stress and anxiety. Arranging video counseling sessions can be a possible way to take off the isolation anxiety load or fear, therefore this would maintain employee’s morale and lighten the stress longer.

5. Virtual Parties:

It might sound absurd, but it has been done by some companies so far. In the cafeteria, a team celebrates birthday parties, small treats, that satisfy hunger as well as a feeling of being together. Virtual parties are possible during the lockdown period, if all the employees in a team can manage to order similar food dishes like Pizza, Birger at their home, which could make a sense of being together and keeping up with the office atmosphere. Additionally, if someone has a birthday, the birthday cake can be delivered to the employee and having a video chat with the team for good wishes, ultimately it would reflect on feeling of being loved on a special day.


Engaging your employees in the current situation is challenging in the competitive business environment.

Employees hold the key to success in the race; therefore, it is necessary to motivate and help them in everypossible way. Cutting edge technology like augmented reality platforms, loving nature, learning new things, and hope for the future can be the fuel for running through boredom, isolation, anxiety, and stress. In the time of lockdown, companies can implement their values to bring all remote employees together, boost their morale, and improve work experience through this Covid-19 battle.

5 best ways to motivate and help increase productivity of employees during lockdown Article by Amit Aggarwal Co-Founder and Director of Effectual Services.


Article was 1st published On India Today

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