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Satya Tyagi talks about his experience at Effectual Services!

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Satya Tyagi, Senior Network Administrator for Effectual Services shares his story about the work-life balance and culture at Effectual Services. At Effectual Services, Satya is involved in multiple projects and have held numerous roles related to website management, SEO activity, report management, and other IT activities. Change is the only constant in Satya’s career and he wouldn’t have it any other way. We sat down to talk with Satya as he completes his 5 years in Effectual Services and see what reflections he has on the past and hopes for the future.

Looking back 5 years, what attracted you to Effectual Services?
Previously, I was working with an IT company wherein I undertook website related activities and was involved in client-related projects. When I went for the interview, I saw 5-6 people working in a small office. I was aware of the fact that when you’re a startup, you’re practically still in the amoeba stage. During the first year of the startup, Effectual’s client portfolio consisted few clients but the vision and execution of the Co-founders made me join the company which has now grown to more than 100 employees in a short span of 5 years and the client portfolio includes some of the Fortune 500 companies and law firms. Everyone was really excited about what they were doing, which was pretty different from where I was coming from. The people I met, the people I interviewed with were so smart and so interesting and believed in one mission – Client Delight.

How did you begin your career at Effectual Services?
One of the reasons that I’ve been here so long is I’ve played so many different roles. I handled SEO, online report portal tool, website, sales reports and help operations team in Microsoft tool(Excel & word) for a while and then I was asked to play a role, which at the time was called IT Head resolving day-to-day IT issues relating to server, software, hardware, and network management. This is really an interesting job, it was totally different, and it also gave me access to some of the more senior leaders in the company.

How did your career make a turn toward IT?
For a while, I was handling all the IT-related projects and managed the reports, systems, and servers. This is where I started to see opportunities to improve our internal IT infrastructure wherein I advised the management to increase investment in IT. When I had discussed the opportunity with the Co-founders that I will solely handle all the activities related to IT, they were willing to take a chance and said, “If you’re excited about it, do it.” Their line of thinking was if you’re really passionate about it, you’ll find a way to get it done. I feel extremely proud of what Effectual has achieved; surrounded by a brilliant team of creative minds-knowing how much we have achieved in such a short period of time is a great feeling. Effectual has the required leadership and management capability and knows what they want to accomplish, are aware of and proactive.

Did you plan to stay in one place for 5 years?
I don’t really think about work in terms of how long I stay somewhere. I think of it in terms of am I enjoying it? Do I feel like I’m really contributing and I’m valued? There have definitely been times over the 5 years where I thought about leaving. However, each time I was feeling disconnected, Effectual’s leadership team responded in a very positive way. We had a constructive dialog and often the management presented an opportunity to try something new. As long as I’ve been able to do something where I really feel like I can have an impact on people, I enjoy the work. I do something different whenever I feel I’m not enjoying the job and not making much impact to the organization. It could be a change within how the current role is working or a change I need to make personally.

Looking towards the future, how do you feel about Effectual Services?
I think there’s a lot of opportunity to learn and grow in the organization. Strong leadership is one of the key factors for our continued success and growth in future. I can certainly state that Effectual Services wins hands down in terms of the attention paid to training & development of the employees. Not just skill training, but through various roles, the organization ensures that we develop and grow as a leader.

How has Effectual changed in the last 5 years?
A ton has changed and a few really essential things have stayed the same. Firstly, it was that kind of crazy startup, we-can-do-anything environment where Effectual and work seemed to take priority over everything else for people. Some of the essential things that were a part of during the startup phase, I still sense today. There is still a real passion around having impact on clients and constantly seeking new ways to be more productive. I can see that today, even with people that have recently joined the organization. Effectual Services brings an environment where you can call people up and they’ll help you, and they’ll want to help you. It was there back then and it still is today. Over the years, I have ingrained leadership skills and desire to make an impact in the growth of the organization. It’s interesting that that attracted me in the first place, 5 years ago. I believe high performance culture and entrepreneurship spirit is imperative to accomplish organization’s purpose, vision and goals.

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Our Values: Reshaping the workplace

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Corporate culture encompasses several factors including work environment, perks, work-life balance that are critical for an organizational success. A great work culture is also the key to business success. Every organization should have a healthy culture wherein employees can act as an individual’s, performing their responsibilities, etc. A healthy culture values each employee’s contribution in reaching the corporate goal and work as a team to meet their company’s and personal needs. A healthy corporate culture not only improves the business performance but also reward employees for their contribution towards success. The core values that shape our business are Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Success, Humility, and Simplicity. These core values define who we are and bring us together as a team. Additionally, these values make us special and play a critical part in the ongoing success of the business. Maintaining a positive culture is pivotal to success as employees behaviors, decisions and even corporate values are borne from the culture in place. At Effectual, the senior management believes in establishing a healthy work environment, and delivering values that are necessary to increase efficiency and productivity at workplace.

Some of the factors that define our culture are as follows:

Professional Development
While selecting an employer, majority of the employees pay more attention on professional development as compared to financial rewards. At Effectual, there are many interesting opportunities for advancement through various training programs and ensure that the employees are learning on- the-job. There are mentorship programs that help employees to stay motivated at work and move them on rotational assignments so that they are gaining a variety of experiences.

Encourage Learning
At Effectual, employees have to undergo training as much as possible. The training programs are an important tool to not only educate the employees about company’s services but also help them to gain knowledge about the industry landscape. These development programs help employees to move up the ladder and earn more rewards/recognitions.

Open Communication
The leadership team ensures that employees are motivated and loyal to the management of the organization. To enable this, employees directly communicate issues/grievances to their senior leadership and as a result, employees view themselves as part of the company’s culture. Employees are able to communicate their thoughts and suggestion to leaders and on the other hand, leaders effectively communicate necessary information to employees so that there is proper flow of communication. The management ensures that there is a clear line of communication through all levels and each department’s responsibilities are clearly defined.

Innovative Thinking
A vast majority of our workforce includes doctoral degrees in their respective disciplines with proven commercial experience. Besides this, our employees are the most innovative thinkers in their profession and highly driven IP experts that work for Fortune 500 clients and AM 100 law firms.

Performance Focus
At Effectual, employees understand their responsibilities and factors that determine success in their role, thus are rewarded or recognized accordingly. In addition, leaders evaluate every individual and understand their needs while ensuring that every employee is appreciated and recognized for his/her contribution. Each employee understands his roles and responsibilities and knows how to accomplish the task in a timely manner.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds having their own traditions and culture. Having a shared culture at the workplace help our employees to understand one another that leads to better communication and fulfilling our commitment to equality.

An organization culture defines its identity. The company’s way of doing business is perceived by both the clients as well as employees of the organization, and is determined by its culture. These values and beliefs help in building the brand image among the clients and stakeholders. Having said that, the senior leaders ensure that the employees are valued and appreciated and in turn can be more productive, more efficient, and more focused on their performance.

To conclude, when joining our team, the employee has the opportunity to be a part of the company that not only believes in success and but also brightens the future for all.

Great Culture attracts a great partner and in turn ensures Great Success!

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Government introduces ‘tatkal’ patent registration for startups

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After unveiling the new IPR policy last week that focused on expediting approval process patents and trademarks, the government has introduced ‘tatkal’ option for speedy clearance of patent application for startups and enterprises filing their first application in India. This move will encourage startups to file more patent applications in India and expedite clearances for entities that are planning to route patent application through Indian Patent office. Patent office’s now can streamline patent filings and expedite examination process for the patent to be granted. Currently, after the patent application is filed, a separate request for examination has to be submitted which takes an average time of five-seven years. However, under the tatkal option, the time will reduce to less than a year. This fast-track option is only applicable to entities that file their patent applications in India and agree to select as the International Search Authority (ISA). This move will restrict stream of patent applications filed in other countries by Indian entities as the process of patent filing was long, complex and involved several legal formalities that negatively restricted inventions in India.

Cost Arbitrage
Under the option, the patent filing fee has been revised. While the application fee for startup is INR 8000 and for large entities the fees can be as much as INR 60000. However, the fees will be refunded in case of withdrawal of patent application.

Startup Support
Under the amended patent rules, startups are classified as an individuals rather than companies and provide them special benefits for patent filing process and make it easier for them to file patents at faster and lower cost. This will also make them eligible for 80% rebate under the startup India initiative, thus creating a positive environment for startups to do business. Besides this, the government has also announced several tax benefits under the startup India initiative.

The government has also started to streamline patent examination process and bring down to 18 months by 2018. To clear the backlog, the amended rule allows not fee will charged for the patents withdrawn from the registration process. Also, any payments made twice due to errors in online transaction will be refunded. This move will encourage domestic patent filings and unclog the patent regime.

According to industry estimates, there are nearly 237 patent applications are pending and 2 lakh patent application are in the examination stage. The tatkal option will allow companies to file more applications in India, thus making India has a hub of patent filing. On the other hand, patent applications in India came down to 1400 in 2015 unlike in the US were the number touched 57000 mark. To obtain a patent in the US, it usually takes 32 months and Indian government will reduce this time period through this move allowing more foreign startups to file patent applications in India.

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Turning Knowledge into Insights

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Effectual has built a reputation among clients for turning knowledge into insights. The employees are encouraged to turn their knowledge into insights as a part of their regular work. Our commitment to each employee is to provide a rewarding career and development catering to their inspirations. At Effectual Services, we are guided by our Vision and committed to live by our Values.

Striving for Excellence
We are the leading IP advisor, and our employees are key to this success. Our workforce is energetic, passionate and can innovate in a dynamic and ever evolving business environment.

Expand your experience
Once can experience an inclusive culture and work with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Leaders give everyone a chance to do their best work. Our performance system is designed to support and leverage the many talents of a diverse workforce that helps make a profitable growth a reality. Over the years, our workforce have exhibited excellence in delivery and demonstrated high level of energy, passion, and innovation. We recognize employees who focus upon continuous process improvements and stand by their commitments every time.

Committed to serve our Clients
We believe in continuous and open feedback and have already set industry benchmark that boasts some of the firsts in the industry. It is our continuous endeavor to provide right working environment for delivering par excellence results to the clients.

Conducting ourselves with Integrity

Our employees maintain highest standards of professional conduct by being fair and honest in all decisions. We also believe in working with complete trust while maintaining highest quality standards with our clients.

Building a sense of teamwork
Our innovative culture promotes and encourages thinking and working together beyond functional boundaries. Our working culture brings together people from diverse backgrounds, culture, and working together to create a leading Intellectual property advisor across the globe.

Develop your career
Effectual believes in hiring the right people to deliver word-class performance and market-leading service in the markets we operate. Every employee brings in unique talents to offer and given on-the-job opportunities to enhance their leadership, technical, and interpersonal skills. They are also given the opportunity to undertake challenging assignments that stretch their thinking capabilities. One of our top priorities is to attract, develop, and retain talented employees.

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Here are some thoughts from the great minds of Effectual Services

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We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Ishita Rustagi at Effectual Services. She joined us 2 years ago as a Senior Associate, Operations and we recently sat down with her to ask about her time, career growth, to discover some of her favorite projects and her opinions on diversity within the company.

What made you want to join Effectual Services?
I think that of all the companies I’ve worked for in the past, Effectual Services has got the most organized approach and cohesiveness in the organisation. The teams are very supportive and environment is super friendly. Additionally, the environment is professional and supportive which brings out the best in the employees and that’s really very important for efficiently carrying out the day-to-day work, to be able to be creative, to focus on the quality, project delivery and ideas.

Besides this, the one thing that makes this company so unique is the people. The people work here for a long time stay for good reason, because they really believe in the company’s vision, mission and the culture. They continue to grow and change along the way, which I’ve witnessed personally in the past two years.

How did your role as a Senior Associate, Operations compare to other roles you’ve held in the past in previous companies?
I think it’s the diversity of projects and capabilities that made my role stand out from others and I’m keen to really explore as to how I can help expand the current role and responsibilities and add value to my job. As a patent analyst, I was very focused on projects but I have worked with people who have varied backgrounds in electronics, communications, life sciences and who are also excellent in patent drafting. I saw that as opportunity but also a challenge, to connect with different people in order to push for quality work and create more impactful results.

What piece of work are you most proud of in your time at Effectual Services?
Unequivocally, I have to say, I’m really proud of every project that I undertake. The predictable answer from me would probably be one of the leading names in the pharma industry. I think it demonstrated that we can deliver something very quickly, with agility and flexibility to make something really amazing. It came about due to a collaborative effort of the team in Noida. The project helped me gain knowledge and use all the experiences that I have got in the past years. I took the lead on the project and was very hands-on, immediately got to know the invention really well and within a very short time, we created some quality results and got an appreciation from the client! Usually, working for such a short deadline wouldn’t be ideal situation, but this was amazing. I had a great time with the team and a fantastic experience working in the office.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced as an employee that helped you prepare for your bigger role?
A lot of time that I spent as an associate was performing patent searches while coordinating with other team members but also having conversations/interactions with the senior leadership team to get more quality results. Ultimately the associate is the person that is really working on live projects because they are hands-on and client-facing, and at the same time they have to understand the bigger picture around how to deliver results as per the deadline shared by the client. Therefore I think I spent quite a lot of time managing those expectations and, at the same time, ensuring the quality of the work. I think as a senior associate now I’m facing different challenges, which are more around looking at the bigger picture, building relationships and overseeing the other project-related tasks from a slightly different perspective.

As a Senior Associate at Effectual Services, how much importance do you place upon diversity within your team?
I think it plays a very important role. From the employee perspective, we want to really grow and I think this is a fantastic time for all the employees to really step up because the industry is more open than ever. I feel that diversity is blossoming and we can just really go for it, to ask for support from the company and other colleagues. Moreover, it’s just a great place for diversity and I accept it with open arms. Hopefully, I will be able inspire more people from different parts, educational background and culture to join the family. When you love what you do, you do a good job and that’s what I focus on.

What is something that you’ve learned and use almost daily in your current role?
Listening is one of my winning formulas. When I ask people what they think about something, it’s a great opportunity for them to question why they think a certain way about something. I really respect the people here, they have their own professional and experienced skill sets, so it’s great to get their opinions because of that but also because once you have taken the time to consider someone else’s opinion, they tend to be more open to your way of thinking.

If you could give a piece of career advice, what would it be?
Cordial interrelations among the employees are very important for any company to grow. One has to spend time networking with people, because there’s a lot of opportunity in the company. In my experience here, it’s nurturing those relationships and having those more casual catch-ups that help you grow. The second is for working in operations team: just go for it. Just do it. We’re lucky that Effectual Services is a great company where there are no restrictions and offer so many opportunities for the people to grow and thrive. We’re all very open. We belong to it now.

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It’s all about the work environment!

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Running and growing a small business is difficult and even more challenging. One cannot do it alone and need the help of the employees who have invested in the long-term success of the business. According to a recent survey, entrepreneurs trust their employees to run their business and delegate responsibilities when they are unavailable. They also believe that their business is better because of their employees. In a bid to attract and retain talent, Effectual provides a great working environment. We are committed to creating a place where the employees are trained and are challenged to grow professionally and personally. We have accomplished this by following the best practices as given below:

Communication is the key

The key to building and maintaining relationships with employees are frequent communication, honesty, and being proactive. At effectual, employees can find numerous opportunities for development. As the roles are clearly defined and communicated, employees are aware about the expectations in order to nurture them as a leader and provide support as and when required. As a fastest growing company, we are open to ideas and suggestions and create different avenues for employees to voice their thoughts and concerns and encourage them to share their feedback with their leader. This in turn increase trust among the employees and in our leadership.

Also, Effectual’s working culture ensures open communication so that the employees have regular opportunities to ask questions using social channels and share information with internal teams.

The power of ‘Thank You’

Effectual rewards its employees every quarter based on their performances during the period. Employees also feel appreciated and respected as their accomplishments are recognized and hence are motivated towards achieving great things at work. These rewards help us in driving the company towards success and thanks employees for the great work, recognize outstanding performance, and show appreciation for going extra mile.

Investment – A two-way street

Effectual appreciate employees who contribute to success of the company and in turn include them in business decisions so that they foresee a place in the future. We also impart trainings to discover and expand employee horizons both personal as well as professional. We encourage employees to be a part of ongoing projects, solve client’s problems, develop professional skills, explore undiscovered paths, and find new ways to thrive.

Encourage employee feedback

The new-age entrepreneurs need to take risks to get feedback from the employees and improve their business. The feedback mechanism allows employees to address their problems related to their work and leadership. This helps us in receiving priceless feedback and ensuring employees feel motivated and their grievances are addresses. It also ensures in making a real difference in the lives of employees by listening, organizing, and acting their feedback.

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Effectual Services Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

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The bubbling excitement, enthusiastic conversations and meticulous planning – this day saw it all. After all, it was the day when Effectual Services turned five! There were endless meetings, discussions to formulate a strategy for making this event successful. The planning of the event has kept all of us on our toes. The plan was sealed and date of the event was finalized by the senior management i.e. 18th December, 2015 and was informed to corporate employees. The activities include fashion show, dance performances, singing to name a few. All the teams were so excited to perform at the event as they had practiced for long hours.

And finally the D-day arrived. At around, 3.45pm everyone started heading out of the office to the Golf Course Road, Noida. We were constantly in touch to keep each other updated and of course, a lot many pictures were clicked prior to start of the event. Once the clock struck 6, we quickened our pace to get things rolling. The employees gathered together for a fun-filled evening. The event saw participation from all the employees who performed various acts and also gave chance to the new employees who recently joined our team. It was also the occasion to felicitate employees completing 5 years of service in recognition of their commitment and dedicated service to the organization. The evening turned brighter with the fun-filled party.

It was indeed an event where the team Effectual Services involved, interacted, and celebrated. Occasions like these provide an environment for social inclusion and break down hierarchical boundaries. We would like to thank all the employees for being a part of this journey and extending their support and co-operation for making this event a grand success.

The Effectual team works hard and parties harder!

Here is a quick snapshot of the flow of event:


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Wishing you a Happy New Year 2016!

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Happy-New-Year 2016As we bid adieu to 2015 and usher in 2016 with giving and receiving and spreading the word of joy, we take a pause to look back at some of the highlights. Minute by minute, hours, days and years go by. During this year, we have managed to achieve so much as compared to our competitors. Knowing, realizing and internalizing what goals to achieve was the first cornerstone of our achievement. Also, perseverance and the ability to dream bigger have been at the core of Effectual family. The team at Effectual Services has been celebrating the festive season with great enthusiasm. 2015 has been eventful year for Effectual Services with new developments, awards & accolades and milestones achieved. In the 2015, we had not only increased the headcount but also have grown 2 times. We have also made investments in strengthening our operations and sales & marketing team. In the past, we have added numerous clients in our kitty and ramped up our services offerings in order to provide superior quality services to our clients. From revenue perspective, majority of the business came from repeat clients.

All through this year, we have received a lot of media presence in the leading business dailies. We also bagged awards and accolades such as Deloitte Fast50 India and Deloitte Fast500 Asia Pacific. During this period, we have added another feather in our hat- Effectual Services was shortlisted for the India Emerging Global Companies -2016 by India Emerging Twenty. These have been the result of hard work and the effort that the employees have put in order to achieve milestones.

That’s not all!

We would like to thank all our clients for bestowing their support and encouraging us to expand our capabilities. It was all because of their trust, encouragement, and appreciation that we have achieved many milestones and success over time. Our service offerings just get better each day of the year keeping in mind the client’s requirements. We surpassed most of our competitors and this was only possible because all of the support from employees and clients. We also thank our passionate and zealous team, now numbering over 100 employees for their love and continued support. We reiterate our pledge of proving best in class services to Fortune 500 companies and law firms around the globe.

And loads more coming in our way this New Year!

We look forward to the year ahead and wish you a very Happy 2016. Cheers!

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Effectual Services turns five!

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Five years ago, the co-founders of Effectual Services namely Amit Aggarwal and Amit Goel started the firm with an aim to make a mark in the IP industry. Having the requisite experience and expertise in solving client’s problems in a quick turnaround time made them enter the IP business and running it successfully over the years. It hasn’t been a cake walk since inception, but the founders have been able to successfully tackle challenges and achieve growth over the years. Since 2010, Effectual has evolved rapidly from serving a handful of clients to delivering projects to an increasing number of corporates and law firms across geographies. Effectual has served more than 100 clients and law firms in this short span of time. In addition to this, the firm has managed to carve out a unique position for itself and beating the status quo and go beyond or challenge the norm. Having said that, focusing on the deliverables and ensuring quality work was the utmost priority from day one. The mandate was to deliver quality work while ensuring client satisfaction and focusing more on providing tailored solutions as per the client’s requirements. In the past five years, our philosophy revolved around delivering high quality work, knowledge transfer resulting in repeat business from almost all clients. We worked closely and collaboratively with our clients to understand their individual business requirements, and deliver most effective solutions that provide value for their money. During this period, Effectual has established itself as one leading companies providing patent support services to large corporates and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by Deloitte. Even as we prepare to celebrate this milestone, Effectual’s leadership team has remained focused on delivering quality work that sets it’s apart from its competition. Our success is driven by our people and ensuring time-bound completion of projects. Every employee – from patent researchers and sales to marketing and business development has been an integral part of Effectual’s growth and success over the past 5 years.

Over the course of five years, the team faced unique challenges and gone out of our way to solve client’s problems. At the same time, the team focused on the core services i.e. offering superior quality patent search services to our clients both domestic as well as international, while remaining fiercely independent and meeting client expectations in every project. Over the years, we delivered strategic solutions that are unique and structured to client’s business requirements. Also, the premise of the business is to be strategic advisors and offering end-to-end solutions; from the conceptualization of ideas to the execution of the projects. The purpose remains the same as it was five years ago – to help client’s in protecting their inventions and monetizing their patent portfolio, thus realizing true potential of their intellectual property. Over the years, the team followed an unparalleled approach that has enabled clients to protect their inventions and developed a suitable value proposition to enhance business performance. Our melodious span over the last five years has not only expanded team’s capabilities in delivering complex projects, but also inspired them to keep reinventing themselves and maintain the competitive edge. With the unwavering commitment to deliver superior quality patent services, the company aspires to become the leader in the IP space. On this day, the organization wishes to honor every employee for their unwavering support, enthusiasm, and energetic spirit that helped in reaching this milestone. Besides this, the organization has rewarded the efforts of employees, who in their own way, contributed to reach this momentous 5 year mark.

As the organization enters the 6th year, it stands firm on its commitment to solve client’s complex patent requirements and continue to evolve solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. We hope that our insights will help clients in making informed business decisions. Going forward, we intend to expand our footprint globally. At the outset, we would like to thank our clients for continuing to repose their faith in us. The organization intends to continue to serve fortune 500 clients and AM100 law firms while creating innovative strategies and delivering enhanced business performance, thus scaling newer heights every year.

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Why Patent Drawings are accepted in One Country and Rejected in Another?

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Are you frustrated by patent drawings rejection in a country while the same patent drawings has been already accepted and approved in another country?

E.g. China Patent Office rejected your design patent drawings which were already granted in the US.This is not a misfortune; it’s all regarding the variations in rules for patent drawings between China and US jurisdictions. In this case, a common reason for rejection could be the usage of shading in drawings as US allows shadings in patent drawings, but in China, shading is not permitted. If you have submitted patent drawings in an application inconsiderately of patent drawing rules, then there is a probability of your drawings getting rejected.

Most of the Jurisdiction guidelines are universal for patent drawings in all countries apart from few rules, such as:

  • Differences in sheet size, PCT and EPO can only be filed on A4 size paper while the USPTO can be filed on A4 or letter size papers. Margins (top: 2.5cm, left side: 2.5cm, right side: 1.5cm, bottom: 1.0cm) remains the same whether filings are done on A4 or letter size pages.But in Korea, patent drawings are filed on B4 size paper that is larger than A4 and A5 with minimum margins of 2 cm at the left side, 2.5 at the top, 1.5 cm on the right side and 1.5 cm at the bottom.
  • Shading requirements, as USPTO and PCT allows shading in patent drawings, however in China, shading and dotted lines are not permitted. In Korea shading is not allowed except it can be used in the reference views such as the perspective view. It’s not permitted for the other views of the drawings.

The above are just a few parameters, which if not followed properly might lead to rejection of patent drawings.

To increase the probability of acceptance of your patent application or the quality of your drawings, hiring a professional patent illustrator can assist you refine the drawings and provide valuable contribution in the development of your patent application.

We at Effectual Services have team of experienced Patent Illustrator who provides patent drawings in wide range of domains including-Utility, Design, Mechanical, Flowcharts, Graphs, Photographs, Biochemical, Biotechnological, Medical/Surgical device drawings, Electrical, electronic, Books, etc. as per USPTO, PCT, EPO, CD, JPO, CPO, KIPO, India and various other patent office requirements by following step-by-step jurisdictions guidelines to avoid office action on drawings in future.

Effectual Illustration team helps in drafting sophisticated views like Perspective, front, rear, right and left sides, top, bottom, sectional views, etc. as per client’s and jurisdictions requirements by using latest versions of software’s including AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Visio, SolidWorks, etc. in numerous formats such as .PDF, .TIFF, .JPEG, word, etc. within the requested time frame to law firms and corporate legal departments.

For more information, please write to us at